Beading and sequin foot (b44/b48)

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For creative work with beaded or sequin tapes up to a width of 4 mm. The side groove serves as a guide and for couching cords.


1. Set the machine for a 3-thread rolled hem or 3-thread flatlock (left needle for wider beads, right needle for smaller beads).
2. Beads up to 5/32” (4 mm) diameter can be used.
3. Adjust stitch length to suit beads and pearls.
4. Raise the presser foot and snap on “Beading and Sequin foot”
5. Place strand of beads/sequins in the guide (1) and (2) to the end of the foot.
6. Lower the foot, sew a few stitches to fix it.
7. Place the fabric under the foot and sew.
8. Note: If the strand of beads is sewn onto the fabric edge, cutting can be activated. If the strand of beads is sewn on with a flatlock, fold the fabric accordingly and guide about 1.5 mm from the right of the needle, it should penetrate the fabric edge. Cutting can be deactivated if needed.

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