bernette blindstitch foot (b33/b35)

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This foot is most suitable to sew blindhems or to topstitch edges. The stitches only pierce the hem so that the stitch holes are hardly visible on the right side of the fabric.

User Manual


Switch off the machine. Attach the foot as described in the instruction manual.

- Blind hems
- Topstitching edges

Stitch type: blindstitch
Stitch length: can be adjusted as required
Feed dog: raised

Prepare the hem by pressing around the hem. Fold back the hem so that the edge of the fabric is next to the folded edge. Fabrics that fray should be neatened beforehand. With lightweight fabrics, the edge of the hem can be placed under the fold.
Position the fabric so that the needle stitches straight through the folded edge when it moves to the left. Turn the guide screw to align the guide with the folded edge. Slowly sew, guiding the guide along the fold. If necessary, adjust the position of the guide again.

The blindstitch foot can be used to sew pintucks by topstitching along the fabric fold which is placed directly against the presser foot guide.

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