bernette cording foot (b33/b35)

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The bernette cording foot allows sewing on thin cords or strings. As the bottom of the foot sole provides several grooves, more than one sting can be sewn on in one step.

User Manual


Switch off the machine. Attach the foot as described in the instruction manual.

Sewing on thin cords and yarns.

Stitch type: any (e.g. zigzag, decorative stitches)
Stitch width: depends on the stitch
Stitch length: depends on the stitch
Feed dog: raised

Place one or more cords under the spring in the grooves of the cording foot (a maximum of 3 cords can be sewn at the same time).
Couch the cords using the chosen stitch. Adjust the stitch width if necessary according to the number of cords and the selected stitch.

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