bernette Binder attachment for pre-folded bias tape (b33/b35)

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The Binder attachment serves to bind edges with pre-folded or not pre-folded bias tape in a finished width of 5 to 7 mm, which are sewn with a utility or decorative stitch.

User Manual


Switch off the machine. Attach the foot as described in the instruction manual.

Binding edges with bias binding

Stitch type: straight stitch (alternative: narrow zigzag)
Stitch length: 2 - 2.5 mm (or as required)
Needle position: centre
Feed dog: raised

Prefolded bias binding
It is possible to use bias binding with a width of 10-14 mm (final width 5-7 mm).
Non-prefolded bias binding
It is possible to use bias binding with a width of 23 mm (final width 5-7 mm).

Cut the bias binding diagonally at the start, insert into the guide of the binder, and if necessary push it through the hole with a needle or a pair of small scissors. Guide the bias binding backwards under the foot. Insert the edge of the fabric to be bound into the guide between the binding. If necessary, the needle position or the position of the guide channel can be adjusted by loosening the screw so to allow the bias binding to be sewn on close to the edge. Sew on the bias binding, ensuring that the bias binding and the fabric edge are guided in correctly.

Quilted fabrics or several layers of fabric should first be basted or neatened together before binding. Alternatively, zigzag stitch can also be used. Here, the position should be adjusted so that, when the needle moves to the left, it pierces the fabric just next to the binding.

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