Hoop N Buddyz Hoop Insert

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  • For embroidering caps
  • For fabrics that are slippery or difficult to embroider
  • In combination with the large oval embroidery hoop

    Machine Compatibility

    • BERNINA 5 Series
      B535, B590 E
    • BERNINA 7 Series 
      B770 QE, B790 Plus

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    The "Hoop 'N' Buddyz" embroidery hoop insert makes it easy to embroider caps as well as fabrics that are slippery or difficult to embroider. This hoop also ensures a tidy and accurate result on uneven fabrics. Sticking the material to the adhesive fleece clamped in the "Hoop 'N' Buddyz" embroidery hoop insert creates a non-slip surface for easy embroidery of motifs, patterns and lettering. This embroidery hoop is intended for use with the large, oval embroidery hoop.