Mettler Seralon 8 Spool Pack - Spring Kit

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Our "SE8 Spring-Kit" contains 8 beautiful spring-colours which have a length of 200m. Our universal thread SERALON® ensures that you and your clothes make a particularly dazzling appearance - wheter on cotton, synthetics, mixed fabrics, linen or silk. The high tensile strength provides greater seam strength with no thread breakage and high chafe resistance.

SERALON® has an outstanding elasticity, smooth seams and is very easy to clean. Furthermore, this thread feels silky and looks beautiful.

Art. 1678 No. 100, SERALON® 200m/220yds

Colour code:
0027; 0057; 5098; 0082; 1507; 0116; 1345; 0229

Length 200 m
ART.-NR. SE Spring-Kit No. 100
Linear density: ca. Nm 62/2 (dtex 162*2)
Needle size: 80-90

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